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Alert: USCIS Taking Extreme Measures to Retrieve Erroneously Issued 3-Year DACA EAD

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AILA Doc No. 15070802 | Dated July 14, 2015

UPDATE (July 14, 2015): During a stakeholder call on the evening of July 14, 2015, USCIS informed stakeholders of the following:

  • Home visits to collect unreturned 3-year EADs, which were originally scheduled to begin on Wednesday, July 15, had been postponed until Thursday, July 16.
  • The home visits this week will be treated as a “pilot” in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, and possibly San Francisco. Next week home visits will broaden in geographic scope.
  • If the DACA recipient is not home, USCIS will not leave behind any written notice of the visit.
  • If the DACA recipient is home and returns the EAD, a receipt will be provided as proof of compliance. DACA recipients who turn in their EADs at a USCIS field office will also be provided with a receipt.
  • Letters that include the notice of USCIS’s intention to terminate DACA if the recipient does not return the 3-year EAD by the stated deadline are being sent to the G-28 attorney of record in addition to the DACA recipient.
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