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Green Cards

Green Card Attorney

If you have decided you wish to be in the United States on a permanent rather than temporary basis, you will need to apply for a green card. However, due to the recent toughening of immigration laws and the numerous complexities already associated with the procedure, trying to handle this process on your own often proves to be frustrating and disastrous. To make sure your green card application process goes smoothly, rely on immigration attorneys at Badmus & Associates.

Why is the Process So Difficult?

While it is clear the U.S. government wants to make sure those applying for permanent residency in the country pose no threat and have valid reasons for wanting to live and work in the country, there are also many aspects of the green card process that are far more difficult than they should be for applicants. Some of the most common difficulties encountered include immigration officials losing all or parts of your application, continually requesting you send them various documents, or making the process so difficult and confusing that you may simply give up on your dreams of permanent U.S. residency. Rather than let this happen, consult with immigration attorneys at Badmus & Associates each step of the way.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Get a Green Card?

While technically you do not need to hire an attorney to obtain a green card, failing to do so likely seals your fate of not obtaining your green card. For example, should you submit an application that leaves out key information or has inaccurate information, the application process can be severely delayed. In addition, if the U.S. government believes you are lying on your application, chances are you will not get very far.

Rather than let mistakes derail your green card application, hire experienced immigration attorneys at Badmus & Associates.

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