Your Dream, Our Mission - Your
Gateway to a Brighter Future
Your Dream, Our Mission - Your
Gateway to a Brighter Future

Visas for Employees

You’ve found the perfect candidate and they’re ready to start immediately. Problem is, they are a foreign national and now, you’re responsible for getting the right visa for them. A mountain of immigration paperwork and a slow, cumbersome process awaits you. Meanwhile, your star candidate is left on hold until their case is eventually processed. Everybody is losing. There is an easier way…

Your legal team or HR department is swamped. Other departments and employees can’t get their answers soon enough. At the same time, you need to get the immigration paperwork for foreign national employees in order.

Since Immigration Law ranks second to Tax Law in complexity, you need time to meticulously comb through the fine details of each case. But you don’t have time. In your haste, errors will inevitably slip through causing further delays for all parties.

Time and resource constraints shouldn’t stop you from hiring exceptional talent. Nor should an employee’s start date be unnecessarily prolonged. That’s why numerous companies depend on us to handle their immigration needs.

We know how to finesse the Immigration Law waves like nobody else. As your company’s on-call legal counsel, Badmus & Associates promises extraordinary efficiency and truly dedicated service. Rather than interfering in company operations, we work closely with you to complement them.

Key Benefits of Partnering With Badmus & Associates:

  • Eliminate delays due to incorrect/incomplete immigration forms
  • Eliminate frequent employee inquiries by directly referring them to our attorneys
  • Save time via our tested and streamlined immigration process
  • Shift your energies to real HR/company tasks
  • Increase your productivity and talent pool
  • Remove the constant workload off your shoulders

Call our employer hotline now on 214-393-4917 to schedule a confidential and thorough 30-minute consultation or click here. Our meeting will provide you with a concise roadmap on how to best proceed with your talent transfer needs. Our service is nationwide. Regardless of the location of your business, our immigration attorneys will be glad to assist.