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Why Do I Need A Lawyer When Trying To Get A Patent?

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If you have spent years developing an innovative new part or product, you may at some point decide to put it on the open market and hopefully make your fortune. But to do so, you will first need to get a patent, which will give you exclusive legal authority over your invention. Though many people decide to pursue the patent process on their own, they often make costly mistakes along the way. If you are wondering how patent attorneys in Dallas at Badmus & Associates can provide invaluable assistance when seeking a patent, here are some of the most important reasons.

Patent Search

Perhaps most importantly of all, your patent attorneys in Dallas can conduct an extensive patent search. This will be extremely important to how you proceed, since this search will verify your patent is indeed unique and does not duplicate a patent that already exists.

Preparing and Filing the Application

Once your attorneys from Badmus & Associates have conducted a patent search for you and determined no duplicate patents exist, they can also assist you in preparing and filing the patent application. A very detailed application, it consists of many pages and should always be read carefully and understood prior to completion and submission. Since even the slightest mistake could be costly and stop your patent process dead in its tracks, always rely on your attorneys to explain this process to you and assist you in correctly filling out the application.

Experience in Intellectual Property Law

While you can hire almost any lawyer to help with getting a patent, you will get far better results if you work with attorneys who have extensive experience in intellectual property law.

To make sure your questions are answered by experienced and knowledgeable legal professionals in an easy-to-understand manner, schedule your consultation today with patent attorneys in Dallas at Badmus & Associates.

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