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Your Dream, Our Mission - Your
Gateway to a Brighter Future

Webinar: New Immigration Rules Every Employer Needs to Know for 2017 and Beyond

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Don’t get caught unaware – find out the immigration rule changes that could impact your visa employees and your business!

Join us on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 12 p.m. CT for this free training, and you will learn:

  • Under what conditions you can promote or relocate your employees during the green card process, without incurring additional costs for a new green card application
  • When and how your employees can change jobs during the green card process and your obligations if that happens
  • How more employers can avoid the H-1B visa numerical limitations (“cap”), qualify for cap-exemption, and hire more H-1B workers at any time of the year
  • The new H-1B visa rules affecting extensions, changing employers, terminating employment, licensing, protection for whistleblowers, and more
  • What employers need to do to qualify under the new STEM OPT rule for extending work authorization of your F-1 student visa interns and employees
  • Which employees qualify for the new employment authorization document (EAD) automatic extension rules and how to properly re-verify their employment eligibility on the I-9 form, and more!


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