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USCIS Message: Scam Alert – High School Diploma Sites

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USCIS Message about Fake Diplomas

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning about fake diploma sites that sell worthless high school diplomas. These “diploma mills” claim their diplomas can be used to enroll in college, apply for a job, get a promotion or enlist in the military. Don’t believe them.

Here are signs of a high school diploma scam:

  • They want you to pay just for a diploma. Real education programs may charge for classes or testing, but they usually do not charge just for a diploma.
  • You can earn the diploma from home immediately. If you can earn the diploma without taking any classes or tests, it’s likely a scam.
  • They claim to be affiliated with the federal government. Individual states — not the federal government — regulate high school diploma programs.

Want more information? Read the FTC’s High School Diploma Scams page. It will help you tell the difference between legitimate programs and diploma scams.

For information on how to recognize and avoid immigration scams, please visit

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