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Missouri Passes Last Minute Immigration Law

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On 07/07/08, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt signed into law a bill that adds new restrictions and requirements for undocumented immigrants, the cities they live in, and the businesses that employ them.

The bill will:

  • require proof of citizenship or legal presence when applying for food stamps, housing and other public benefits;
  • require the use of E-Verify for businesses bidding on state contracts;
  • penalize businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants;
  • order the Missouri State Highway Patrol to seek special federal immigration training to enforce immigration laws; and
  • bar Missouri cities from refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

The measure also allows fines of up to $50,000 for some employers who misclassify their workers as “contractors” instead of “employees.” It will apply to businesses with at least five employees performing public works. When workers are contractors, employers don’t have to pay withholding taxes, provide other benefits or take responsibility if the worker is an illegal immigrant.

The law will not take effect until January 2009

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