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Biometrics Appointments: What to Do if You Cannot Attend the Appointment

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Applicants for green cards and other immigration benefits must attend a biometrics appointment at a designated USCIS Application Support Center (ASC) whenever requested. Generally, the applicant receives an ASC appointment notice for a specific date and time. Most can attend the appointment on the date and time scheduled, but what if the date is inconvenient? Here are some of the options available in this situation:


  • Reschedule – the applicant can reschedule by marking the rescheduling request field on the ASC appointment notice and returning it to the USCIS before the appointment date. Keep a copy of the notice for your records and be sure to send the notice through a delivery method that allows tracking, e.g. certified mail. You do not need to explain the reason for rescheduling. Unlike a doctor’s or lawyer’s appointment, you cannot reserve a specific date. You will receive a new notice usually within two weeks.
  • Go early – the applicant can to the ASC earlier than the appointment date as a “walk-in.” Be sure to bring your appointment notice and politely request that your biometrics be taken. Be prepared to wait until others with current appointments are served. After your biometrics are taken, ask for a completion stamp on your appointment notice so you have proof that biometrics were completed.
  • Outside U.S. – applicants who are overseas at the time of the biometrics appointment must reschedule. There are no facilities available outside the U.S. that can provide general biometrics appointments. If the applicant has an attorney, the attorney can request the rescheduling of the appointment.
  • Disability – applicants who have a hearing, sight, speech, or other physical impairment that might prevent attendance at the appointment can and should request an accommodation by calling the customer service center for the USCIS or completing a request online at The USCIS may provide additional assistance at the appointment or may reschedule the appointment when additional assistance is available.

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