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Theft is not just limited to identity and personal property. There is the theft that involves creations of the mind. These ideas include new medical technologies that assist in surgical operations and logos that identify new businesses. Any type of profitable idea is protected under intellectual property law. For anyone with a patent or trademark, know why having one is important and how the lawyers at Badmus & Associates can assist with the process.

The Basics of Patents & Trademarks Cases

Patents protect inventors from having their ideas stolen, copied and profited from by non-inventors. Trademarks protect businesses from having their logos and product designs stolen. Most rights provide coverage for a limited time period, usually a few years. When an idea is stolen within that period, it's appropriate to hire intellectual property lawyers in Dallas.

When Lawyers Are Needed

Intellectual property law involves creations of the mind. No one is allowed to steal any idea from anything that you've written or created in your mind, such as a book, song or story, without your permission. Whether the person has stolen one sentence or an entire manuscript, a lawyer is available to help reclaim your work.

If a person profited from your ideas, you can receive compensation for the earnings that you lost but the other person earned. Furthermore, some clients hire intellectual property lawyers to go over their rights in detail and to know the extent of their protection.

Many inventors and businesspeople spend years crafting their work. Intellectual property rights state that their ideas cannot be copied and used to generate profit for other people. The laws protect them whenever they give away their works to managers, companies and the general public. Badmus & Associates protects people whose rights have been violated and need experienced intellectual property lawyers in Dallas.

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