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Badmus & Associates works proactively with clients involved in mergers and acquisitions or any diversification activity to efficiently address related immigration issues. We can help you or your client perform due diligence investigations that must include a close analysis of the current immigration status of the employees, a determination of the impact of the corporate change on this status and filing of the applications necessary to maintain each employee's status. After a thorough evaluation, our team will advise and assist you in implementing any immigration strategies that may be necessary.

As your company's on-call immigration counsel, Badmus & Associates promises extraordinary efficiency and truly dedicated service. Rather than interfering in company operations, we work closely with you to complement them.

Call our employer hotline now on 214-494-8033 or complete the form to schedule a confidential and thorough 30-minute consultation. Our meeting will provide you with a concise roadmap on how to best proceed with your compliance needs. Our service is nationwide. Regardless of the location of your business, we will be glad to assist.


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