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You don't need to fumble with confusing terms and paperwork in order to help loved ones join you in the United States. In fact, you simply can't afford to rely on previous experiences of family and friends for answers. What worked for them may not work for you since immigration applications are processed on a case by case basis.

Government agencies won't be of much help either:

  • They can still reject your application even if you relied on their advice!
  • Their priority is national security and not helping you and your family immigrate.
  • Most agency officers can only answer very basic clerical questions. Next to Tax Law, U.S. Immigration Law is the most complex law imaginable. They will be in no position to help you.

The Easiest Way…
Whether you're looking to bring family members from abroad or just seeking new opportunities, let your immigration needs be handled by true immigration attorneys. Our firm handles all types of family-based immigration. We make the process a breeze for families or individuals looking to immigrate to the United States. Since we take care of everything for you, your main focus should be preparing for the occasion, not pleading your case before immigration officers.

Badmus & Associates take care of:

Immediate relatives:
This only applies to spouses of U.S. citizens, unmarried minor children of U.S. citizens and parents of U.S. citizens. Siblings don't count in this category!

The Family Preference System:
Adult children (unmarried and married) and brothers and sisters of U.S. citizens; and spouses and unmarried children (minor and adult) of legal permanent residents (LPR's).

Temporary visas for spouses and fiancés:
K-1 (fiancé) and K-3 (spouse) visas allow spouses and fiancés of US citizens get to the U.S. faster.

Take comfort in knowing  that our immigration team:

  • Has attorneys and staff who went through the immigration process themselves
  • Has helped thousands of people and their families immigrate to the U.S.
  • Upholds the highest moral and ethical standards
  • Makes the process very easy and stress free

What our firm also does during this often turbulent time is keep you constantly informed about your case. Since we've helped families immigrate and reunite for a long time, we know how critical it is to always be updated on a case.

Our communication policy is second to none. Using a dual communication approach, we immediately notify you of any changes in your case and provide you with 24-hour unhindered access to your case via our client website.

You're in safe hands. Call our office now on 214-494-8033 for a confidential and thorough immigration strategy session or click here. Our meeting will provide you with a concise roadmap on how to best proceed with your case. Our service is nationwide.

Regardless of where you live or intend to live in the U.S., we will be glad to assist.


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